Fitia is a swimwear brand made for busty people, by busty people.

The notion of fuller bust in Spain is not yet common and Fitia is here to fill this gap. The brand is offering supportive swimsuits, crafted in Barcelona and using recycled fabrics.

It is our priority to provide adequate clothing is a step forward to feeling confidence and comfort within ourselves.

Its name means love in Malagasy, the founder’s home country. Through Fitia, Shanice is giving the love and the self-love each person should feel every day, especially when summer is around the corner.

We wanted to provide the comfort one needs without having to compromise on the design.

Its purpose is to give back the confidence to women of all body types at the beach, pool or in engaging in water-related activities.

Fitia is a brand made in Spain.

It is not a coincidence that the majority of its collaborators are based in Barcelona, Catalunya has a long textile history.

Fitia is focusing on a European and local consumption.  Click to find out where our collaborators are!

Having a fuller bust made me feel out of place as it is hard to find a brand having my size. Yet, I wanted to find something fun, comfortable and committed.
Market's options didn't offer anything that was checking all the boxes.

Often I would end up with something that didn't suit me well. At the end of the day, the feeling of being silly and inadequate was overwhelming me. And it often resulted in me thinking that " I didn't have the right body" or "I'm having too many expectation"

From this moment, it is one of my intentions to correct that feeling, for myself and more importantly for others.
Fitia is the beginning of the love and the acceptance I wanted to feel and to give.


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