How to choose the best bikini for fuller busted
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  • 20.06.22
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How to choose the best bikini for fuller busted

How to choose the best bikini for fuller busted

Summer is here and you start thinking about the heat, the pool, the beach… oh no. You need a swimsuit! You found one years ago, but still haven’t been able to replace it and it’s getting old. It is clear, this year you need to find one with which you felt comfortable and could move easily. With your chest, it seems like an impossible mission.

How to choose the best bikini for fuller busted
"If you have to force it, leave it" by @cecile.dormeau

Why do we stick with bikinis that are not our size?

You look at the brands you already know. They are not designed for you, but perhaps this year’s must-have bikini will do the deal.

Time for a Google search for a “DD+ bikini”. The options you find seem designed along fashion standards, without being practically comfortable. It is clear that those who write these fashion articles have not really tried; at least not with a chest such as yours.

You browse through and finally you stay with the one that you can most easily fit into your body. Although, you are not absolutely confident it is suited for you.

And we ask ourselves, why every year thousands of women settle with spending their summer tight and uncomfortable? It is clear that…

  • We don’t have much to choose from
  • We still need a bikini
  • Sometimes we don’t even know that there are suitable options for us.
  • And unfortunately we have normalized this discomfort.

People need to understand diverse bodies, different measurements and real needs. That way, they are better skilled at making inclusive clothing, including swimwear.

How to choose the best bikini for fuller busted
Testing the support and comfiness of Diego top

Choose support and comfort. And of course, your size!

Wearing inappropriate clothing can make you feel  uncomfortable, it seems that something is wrong with your body.

The reality is that anyone wearing a size other than their own would be upset.

We recommend that you choose your size well, both for the cup and for the chest. A fitting size will give you a greater feeling of comfort and will ensure support.

Doubting which size you are? Measuring yourself is the greatest way to know!

How to choose the best bikini for fuller busted

Miracle, they have your size and you like it!

After spending hours on Google, something has caught your attention. You just cant’ believe it. Here you are, looking at all the details to be sure you really have achieved it. We all have different criteria to know if this is the right bikini for us, common ones are:

  • Does it have wires?
  • Can I remove the foam?
  • Is it really adjustable like they say?
  • Wait a minute… How does it fasten?

Women with larger breasts do not need push-ups or inverted bikinis. We need a top that supports us, gives us freedom of movement. The ultimate comfortable feeling.

At Fitia, we know that it is not easy to find a bikini that meets all your requirements. Therefore, our Toliara and Diego tops were designed to give better support. We hope to make you feel comfortable, while being fashionable.

How to choose the best bikini for fuller busted

And if all this does not work, what do I do?

If any bikinis are not what you are looking for either, it is valid! Indeed, we all have different needs and expectations; the right one is still out there for you.

Please share them with us. Perhaps there is something that we have not thought of and that can be useful to others. We are eager to read your suggestions at

Whatever you do, above all remember that you deserve to find that bikini or swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable with yourself. Let’s make wellness fashionable!

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