Fitia should be one of the reasons you say yes to adventures.


The brand was founded to provide swimwear for better coverage and support, using high-quality and recycled fabrics.

An outfit can be a real asset to use throughout our lives. By making suitable and supportive swimwear for those needs is a way to bring diversity and inclusivity.

In other words, Fitia is a committed swimwear brand.



Each piece has support and comfort at heart.

Support is brought by wider strips, it distributes the weight on a larger surface. Therefore, the fabric is not digging on the skin anymore.

The material’s elasticity and the overall design gives flexibility and comfort. Moreover its soft touch and invisible seam hug each curve. It prevents marks from settling in the skin.

The swimwear is purposely not having any foam, as it could alter one’s body aspect and add volume where it is not needed. Our swimwear is letting any curve to be embraced and expressed.

The collection is inspired by contemporary fashion that was out of reach for reasons, such as sizing, price and values. Fitia’s creativity is the result of adapting pieces and making them accessible for a wider audience.

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Nowadays, clothing is commonly designed for “normal “ and “plus” sizes. Our swimwear has more coverage and more adjustability, making a bridge between the two size categories. Fitia is therefore offering a different fit for those who don’t fall into either of them.

Reality is ever changing and fashion visual representation should go hand by hand with it. The brand seeks to bring diversity into the current fashion scene by representing a larger variety of women. It is important that the public is able to relate and feels identified by the brands that are embodying their personality and their needs.

Fitia understands that a spirit of adventure is something that we can all experience regardless of size, stage of life or gender.


Sustainability is one of the core values of Fitia. It is our belief that any brand born nowadays can not thrive nor be without taking into account its impact on the surroundings and its actors.

Each step of Fitia’s process is focused on being aware of its environment and its critical state, starting from its fabric.

Moreover, each contributor and provider is working from the area of Barcelona in Spain, where it originated.
The swimwear is crafted in a local workshop. It promotes local businesses and limits waste induced by unnecessary transportation of goods. By creating this ecosystem, Fitia is building for a deep connection and understanding of the process that brings itself to life.

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