The best top for breastfeeding
  • Cristina Victory
  • 25.07.22
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The best top for breastfeeding

The best top for breastfeeding

Motherhood is a wonderful journey, where our body goes through a lot of changes in a short time. It is very important that you have clothes and swimsuits on hand that serve you well for these changes, while making you feel comfortable, safe and fashionable.

The breasts, along with the belly, are the ones which undergo the most changes; measuring yourself can be very useful to find the ideal swimsuit or bikini for each one.

The best top for breastfeeding

Choose bikinis and swimsuits that suit you.


During pregnancy and lactation, many women end up with a different bra size.

Although it may not be your size for a long time. 

While it lasts, it is necessary to have appropriate clothing for this new reality. Thus, the best ones are garments that are adaptable and so you can adjust according to your size in instance.


Normally during this stage, your nipples and your skin can be very sensitive. Tops or bras with very rigid structures that dig in or with padding are not recommended. They can restrict the skin from breathing and result in being inconfortable.

You deserve something that is gentle on you and your body.

The best top for breastfeeding

The right top for breastfeeding


Also, if right now you are breastfeeding, and you are looking at your clothes and you ask yourself “will I be able to breastfeed with that or not?”. 

Something that you have not taken into account before.

You now have to look for something that is breastfeeding friendly. As nothing in your wardrobe is of use. It’s okay and it’s normal!


In life, needs change and now this is yours. You have not failed to choose this outfit that you loved at the time of purchase. These evolutions are part of living different experiences and it is impossible to prevent everything that can happen to you.


For this reason, at Fitia, we recommend that you look for tops and swimsuits that are versatile and adaptable. Clothing that allows you to breastfeed quickly and comfortably, while providing support and style.


We know how important it is not to have to choose between the two. Being a mother does not mean the end of your life as a person.


Our Antalaha swimsuit and Toliara Top are ideal for you! You will be able to easily accommodate your baby to your chest while feeling comfortable and safe when you move around the beach or the pool.


The best top for breastfeeding

Run, jump, laugh… Enjoy the moment!


Let’s face it, when you’re with little ones, it’s sometimes hard to just lay on the towel.

They want to discover things and build things with you even though you can imagine reading this book at last.

Suddenly, a quiet day turns into a children’s Olympics: sand castles on blades, swimming with a baby in tow, racing up and down behind the little one…


You need a bikini or swimsuit that allows you to follow that rhythm feeling comfortable, enjoying the moment and forgetting that everything is fastened, covered and in its place.


You just have to worry about enjoying and photographing the day to remember.

The best top for breastfeeding

5 tips to feel more comfortable with your body


We know that this stage can be full of insecurities. Your body is not the same as before, you feel different, you don’t know if you’re doing it right…

Quiet. You’re doing great. And your body continues to do magic.

So just put your well-being first, and you and your creature will be phenomenal.


In case at any time you have a hard time feeling comfortable with your body, we leave you 5 basic tips to maintain a healthy relationship with your body:

  1. Remember that your body is valid just the way it is.
  2. Remember everything that has accompanied you and what has made you live
  3. Feed it according to what you feel, without thinking about aesthetic or cultural demands. He is wiser than we think. This concept is called intuitive eating 😉
  4. Imagine everything that will allow you to live, since we know that it will surprise you!
  5. Use it! Use it to accompany your little ones, to dance with friends or to enjoy with your partner.

It’s not just for you. Your body also likes to live

The best top for breastfeeding

And if all this does not work, what do I do?


If after looking and comparing you feel that our bikinis are not what you are looking for either, nothing happens. The changes are little by little and surely you will soon find that ideal bikini for you.


If you want, we are willing to listen to your proposal. Perhaps there is something that we have not thought of and that can be useful to others. So don’t hesitate to write to us at 😉


But, whatever you do, above all remember that you deserve to find that bikini or swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable with yourself. Let’s make wellness fashionable!

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